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The single, officially released on all social media platforms on October 12th, is a classic call to never forget one’s origins and romanticizes the singjay’s early upbringing in the rough and tumble area of Gregory Park, Portmore.Dancehall singjay Star Prynce is getting a lot of traction with his latest single, ‘Never Forget’ which was released on the Calose Production label.

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Release Date 12/10/18

" His most solid opus "

-John Doe [National post]


Never Forget

By Star Prynce
Release date: 2018-10-12

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Star Prynce will “Never Forget”

Dancehall singjay Star Prynce is getting much traction with his latest single ‘Never Forget’, which was released on the Calose Production label recently. The single is a call to always remember one’s origins. It romanticises the singjay’s early upbringing in Gregory Park, Portmore. “I like to sing reality and consciousness because I feel an obligation to uplift and elevate the minds of the downtrodden. I also dabble in other genres of music, like dancehall and soca,” said Star Prynce, whose […]

Downscaling the studio

Downscaling the studio have ben one of the main tasks the last years. Just keeping the most important elements in the studio to give more focus to the creativity. Mobility is also a important issue to keep the availability to record at what ever place than comes in mind.

Free tickets to “Apex Celebration”

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The multifaceted Producer and entreprenore Calose Calås just launched the record & production company Calose Production. The Company runs along with a handful of talented people who all have one thing in common. They share a great passion and love for the music. The ambition of the Company is to highlight ond bring forward things thats makes a difference here in life. The first artist to get signed to the Company is the talanted Star Prynce.

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Leila Kandera
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Leila Kandera
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